• Developing positive brand awareness by partnering with an inspiring musical production;
  • Supporting development of South African performing arts and providing opportunities to young talent from Soweto;
  • Promoting artistic co-operation and exchange between South Africa and the United Kingdom;
  • Reaching diverse international audiences during one of the most internationally- acknowledged festivals;
  • Advertising through printed and event-driven promotions and online channels to global audiences (circulation figures provided below);  
  • Having a logo displayed on the musical promotional events and shows as well as Simply Soweto Encha tour promotional materials;
  • Reinforcing a positive public image and reputation by supporting innovative and professional projects that promote quality music and dance, experiences and community.  

We are looking for sponsors to support the cost of developing and showcasing the musical. The costs include development, production, marketing and showcasing the musical at 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The estimated budget is £60k, where  £12k is allocated towards script development, music and choreography development, musical website, development of the musical artwork, posters, banners, flyers, promotional clip; £25k - musical production (auditions in Soweto, rehearsals in Soweto and Edinburgh, set and costumes design, performer fees;  £15k - showcasing the musical at 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (transport, accommodation, per diem, performance space rental and Fringe fees); £8k - marketing and publicity costs [press ads, musical banners (10), posters (400) and flyers (5000)] 
When considering supporting the production, please refer to the Sponsorship Tiers  below or view the sponosorship pack here.


For more details, please email us at contact@afterfreedom-musical.com