Characters:  The main characters in this play are Sphiwe and Zizpoh.  Zizpoh will have a strong impact in Sphiwe`s life as the play progresses.

Sphiwe: A young man who lives in the rural township of Natal-Quthu, where the law is at the point of the barrel of a gun.  Dance is the only way to unite men and gain respect. Sphiwe can`t really express himself unless it`s through dance and music. He is raw, determined and observant.

Zizpoh: A young woman from Soweto.  She is very intelligent, streetwise and confident. She is very attractive and lots of young men like her. Underneath her tough shell lays somebody who is very caring, loving and sensitive. She is into dance and music but can't find her place in a male-dominated urban culture of South Africa.  

Story:  The play starts in a rural township with young men showing off their music and dance talents.  A fight breaks out amongst the men and Sphiwe’s mother is shot and killed.  Sphiwe decides to run away to find his brother in Joburg.  

In Joburg, Sphiwe encounters a new world, very different from what he has been used to back in rural Natal-Quthu. It is a fast paced world of hustle and vibrant colour, energy and music culture. He meets Zizpoh who teaches him the ways of streetlife in Soweto.

Themes:  The resilience of enduring hope in a world struggling to emerge from its past.  Young love and coming of age in a township full of dangers and opportunities.

Style:  The tough settings of township and Joburg must be contrasted with the energy and colour of the dance and music.  When there is no music or dancing reality kicks in, but when they dance the characters are taken to a new world of happiness and hope. 

©2014 M.Njobo,L.Masiza, B.Skobodzinska. All Rights Reserved

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