Cell Block Soweto: An A Cappella Gang Show by After Freedom is a new a cappella show telling stories of five prisoners confined in one of Johannesburg’s prisons. Presented in a lighthearted and entertaining manner through stories and music, the show engages the audience in a musical journey into the South African past and present. The show intertwines African and Western tunes in quality a cappella arrangements. You are bound to be entertained!

4**** - The LIST

"The five performers deliver a show that is simple in its premise but executed with great flair, boundless energy and a sense of musical synergy, ultimately facilitating an uplifting experience that is truly good for the soul."


'Umolo & the boots'

Umolo doesn’t have it easy, but his boots keep him upbeat in his troubled life in the streets of Johannesburg. Feel embraced by Umolo’s heartfelt story told to the rhythms of South Africa’s famous gumboots! As Umolo makes new friends and enemies, he discovers more rhythms and beats that run in tribal, street, tap and modern dances of Johannesburg. 


A fresh, upbeat dance show that tells the story of the evolution of rhythm and dance in South Africa. Rhythm is a 16-legged dance beast that will get you stomping and clapping to the mesmerising beats of traditional and urban dances.

From tribal Tswana, warrior Zulu, to energetic Gumboot, swinging Kofifi, to urban Pantsula and Sbujwa dance styles, After Freedom Productions' show takes you on a breathtaking dance journey of the Spirit of Africa that keeps its people moving. 

The show premiered at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the festival programme of Dance Base, the National Dance Centre. The production was awarded the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Sell-Out Laurel and received 5- and 4-star reviews.

5***** - One4Review

''The origins of South African dance, and its evolution, from prehistoric times up to the present day, are joyfully celebrated in this exuberant show.''

4**** - The LIST

''Eight South African song and dance men generate the kind of whole-hearted, full-bodied pleasure that transcends cultural clichés.''

4**** - The Scotsman

''It’s hard to know who wears the bigger smile during I Am Rhythm, the performers or us, as After Freedom Productions build an exuberant, joyful and informative picture of South African dance history.''


A musical love story told through South African and popular tunes. Combining beautiful harmonies with humorous narration, the show entertains and engages audiences of all ages.  

Performed in traditional and modern a cappella arrangements, this show pays tribute to the musical traditions of South Africa as well as africanises the sounds of international music.  

'AFTER FREEDom: New rhythms of soweto musical'

Mind-blowing energy, fresh vibes and enticing rhythms from South Africa. A multi-talented cast representing Soweto street culture, blends tribal and urban dance and music to tell a story of a new generation. 

Told through a story of a young male character, the musical takes audiences through ups and downs of youth life in Soweto. The township of Soweto, where past and new generations intertwine through rhythm and dance, is creating its new vibe. The new generation is bridging the gaps between tribes and cultures by means of urban culture, street dance in particular.

20 years of freedom have changed South Africa. The country is now facing similar problems to the ones of the rest of the world. With the musical, the story of new South Africa is told. The story which shows two shades of contemporary Soweto and South Africa. The bright one, where raw talent takes youth far and helps spread messages of hope and determination. The dark one, where battle for freedom has been replaced by street battles between drug dealers and other criminals.

The urban youth culture dictates new rules in multicultural Soweto. There are no divisions between Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana or other tribes. The new culture creates a common language expressed through dance. Dances and rhythms of Soweto are an integral element of emerging new social dynamics in Soweto and a fascinating means of communication with the rest of the world.

Past divisions and segregation still shape minds and dictate the rhythms of new Soweto. One thing has not changed though, the rich and vibrant dance and music culture. The culture which once supported the struggle for equality, is now utilised as means of facing and challenging social issues such as unemployment and substance abuse. 

Concept, Music & Choreography: Morgan Njobo

Script Developer and Drama Director: Luntu Masiza

AV Design: Morgan Njobo & Beata Skobodzinska 


Email us at contact@afterfreedomproductions.co to book performances. We are open for collaboration and coproduction of existing or new pieces.