After Freedom is a collaborative production group of creative directors, performers and arts managers set up to increase cultural exchange between South Africa and the rest of the world. It aims to support music and dance talent from South Africa through creating opportunities to develop and tour performing arts productions rooted in the youth culture of South Africa.

After Freedom NPC provides opportunities to performers with and without formal education in performing arts. It takes the talent off the streets of townships to professional performing arts centres.

It explores the impact of tribal and traditional cultures on modern and urban music and dance styles by telling stories of the contemporary and past generations. It promotes South African culture as a developing industry with a great potential to expand on international arts and entertainment markets. 


After Freedom NPC

Registered in South Africa

Company no 2015/378863/08 

4944 Ntombela Street

Soweto, 1848 Kwa-Xuma

Gauteng, South Africa


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