I am Rhythm is a dance production promoting South Africa's young street talent. Developed by Morgan Njobo and the cast members in partnership with Edinburgh's Dance Base, the production is to premiere at 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The dance show tells a story of Rhythm, the one that runs in the blood and dictates the hearbeat in South Africa. The production includes both tribal and modern music and dance with a strong focus on showcasing the youth culture of South Africa where urban dance and beats set the rhythm for a new generation of Sowetans. Music and dance are intertwined with storytelling and audiovisual effects to enrich the story of Rhythm. 

A fresh, upbeat dance show that tells the story of the evolution of rhythm and dance in South Africa. Rhythm is a 16-legged dance beast that will get you stomping and clapping to the mesmerising beats of traditional and urban dances. Enjoy tribal Tswana, warrior Zulu, energetic Gumboot, swinging Kofifi, urban Pantsula, Sbujwa and Kwasa-Kwasa dance styles and let the magic of African beats and movement light up your summer. I Am Rhythm explores the impact of tribal and traditional cultures on modern and urban music and dance, bringing township culture to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I am Rhythm | Dance Base |  Aug 5-7, 9-14, 16-21 | 4-4.45PM | £12 (£10) 

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