5***** - One4Review
''The origins of South African dance, and its evolution, from prehistoric times up to the present day, are joyfully celebrated in this exuberant show.''
4**** - The LIST
''Eight South African song and dance men generate the kind of whole-hearted, full-bodied pleasure that transcends cultural clichés.''
4**** - The Scotsman
''It’s hard to know who wears the bigger smile during I Am Rhythm, the performers or us, as After Freedom Productions build an exuberant, joyful and informative picture of South African dance history.''


A fresh, upbeat dance show that tells the story of the evolution of rhythm and dance in South Africa. Rhythm is a 16-legged dance beast that will get you stomping and clapping to the mesmerising beats of traditional and urban dances.

From tribal Tswana, warrior Zulu, to energetic Gumboot, swinging Kofifi, to urban Pantsula and Sbujwa dance styles, After Freedom Productions' show takes you on a breathtaking dance journey of the Spirit of Africa that keeps its people moving. 

I Am Rhythm explores the impact of tribal and traditional cultures on modern and urban music and dance, bringing township culture to the world stage. Professional and street performers collaborate on developing an authentic show that proudly represents the cultural heritage and modern cultures of South Africa. 

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For booking inquiries e-mail After Freedom Productions at contact@afterfreedomproductions.com

Please note the show can be adapted to different spaces 

Photos credit: Maria Falconer