Told through a story of a young male character, the musical takes audiences through ups and downs of youth life in Soweto. The township of Soweto, where past and new generations intertwine through rhythm and dance, is creating its new vibe. The new generation is bridging the gaps between tribes and cultures by means of urban culture, street dance in particular.

20 years of freedom have changed South Africa. The country is now facing similar problems to the ones of the rest of the world. With the musical, the story of new South Africa is told. The story which shows two shades of contemporary Soweto and South Africa. The bright one, where raw talent takes youth far and helps spread messages of hope and determination. The dark one, where battle for freedom has been replaced by street battles between drug dealers and other criminals.

The urban youth culture dictates new rules in multicultural Soweto. There are no divisions between Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana or other tribes. The new culture creates a common language expressed through dance. Dances and rhythms of Soweto are an integral element of emerging new social dynamics in Soweto and a fascinating means of communication with the rest of the world.

Past divisions and segregation still shape minds and dictate the rhythms of new Soweto. One thing has not changed though, the rich and vibrant dance and music culture. The culture which once supported the struggle for equality, is now utilised as means of facing and challenging social issues such as unemployment and substance abuse. 


aims and objectives

The objective of the musical production is to offer opportunities to develop skills and gain performing experience to vulnerable youth of Soweto. Youth with amazing talent but limited opportunities will share their culture with others. The production will engage 10-12 young urban dancers and musicians and create sustainable employment opportunities in South Africa and abroad. As an addition to the production, partnerships with performing arts centres in the UK will be established in order to offer dance workshops and talent exchange platforms.

Developed by Morgan Njobo and Luntu Masiza, who have had the opportunities to see the world owing to their great talent and determination, the musical gives back to the community that raised Morgan and Luntu. The spirit of Ubuntu lives on.